Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No regrets

Since I had gotten my "feet wet" copying off of photographs I wanted to do something different and pull something from my head.  I have always been drawn to chiaroscuro art. When I was younger there was a 3'x1' painting that hung in the corner in St. Louis art museum amoung huge works of art.  It was my favorite painting and it was the first place I went to. I love how the lights and darks play off each other. So much feeling is expressed in this painting. Not just subject matter but in the monotone colors. It gives me chills.

St. Francis Contemplating a Skull
Francisco de Zurbaran

I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to paint at first but something was nagging at me. Finally, I had a clear image in my head.  The painting above was an influence as well as other things that drive me. This girl is no one I know but someone that I can feel for. She came to life on the canvas and spoke of sadness but hope of moving on. Mourning over the loss of a loved one, but finally moving on too. Where memories stay vividly alive in sorrow, but also where you can start living life again.

"No Regrets"
Acrylic on stretched canvas

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  1. I just love your work! You are very inspiring. Because of you and Ana, I got out my sketchbooks again!